On February 10th I am hosting CGW Goes to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. When we were discussing that the suggested attire be 1940's/ 1950's work clothes or play clothes someone joked that I could wear my hair up in a 40's work style bandana.
Haha! Funny! Those of you who know me on a day to day basis know I have worn my hair up in a bandana as such for probably two years now, with the exception of events.
So I figure, why not?! I'll go full 40's wartime work clothes!
I have an original set of work clothes in my collection. I'll post some pictures of those to my gallery soon. I also found a few photos...
Bandana- check! Oxblood loafers- check! Button-up shirt- check!
However, I don't have properly shaped 1940's jeans. That means I have about a week to make them. Here's the plan- I'm going to have to make my own pattern, but it will be an altered version of several patterns. Most patterns aren't full enough for my generous hip, and if they are then they require a lot of fitting in the waist. It's just easier to do the major alterations in the pattern stage, plus, I'll end up with a pattern I can use for the next pair with less time spent on alterations. All I have to decide now is whether I want to use dark denim or medium denim. Opinions?

I'm also thinking I should carry a lunch pail instead of my usual frame purse. It just seems appropriate. I found 3 I like, but I'm having a hard time choosing.
I think the silver one is the newest one, given it's plastic handle, but I like the silver.
The other two are cool, a little more low profile, and probably lighter weight. I think the star on the end of the first one is pretty awesome, but the other one comes with the thermos. I'm thinking that regardless of which one I get I'll paint my name on the side in red!
What do you guys think? The traditional shape with the cool star? The rounded lid with the push button latch? Or the big, manly silver one?
After about 10 years of an on-again, off-again presence on the web I decided it was finally time to get my rear in gear and do a “real” website and blog. For now it’s got a weebly sub domain, but if all goes well with this little experiment and y’all seem to like my blathering, I’ll make it a bit more permanent.

So… basically, everything is new! Not to everybody, but to the site. Check it out, browse around... and let me know what you think? I’m good with feedback. Even the constructive kind!

Slowly the site will be growing. I’ll be adding pictures of older projects and links to good stuff. I’ll try to post something here about projects I’m working on, or things I’m loving, at least once a week. I'll also be adding a page for updates to my Etsy store!
Check early, check often!


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